MicroSquirt CAN Transmission Controller with 4L60E Subharness

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4L60E Plug and Play Transmission Control via MicroSquirt

Seamlessly control your 4L60E transmission with MicroSquirt Transmission Control! The supplied 4L60E subharness provides a simple, plug and play integration with MS3-Pro and directly mates with our LSx drop on harnesses.  This harness fits GM 4L60E transmissions with and without the LUF (lock up feel) control solenoid. It does not include the input shaft speed sensor found on later 4L65E and 4L70E variants. You can also wire the harness to communicate with an MS2, another MicroSquirt EMS, MS3-Pro, or MS3 over the CAN bus.

Parts included

  • MicroSquirt Transmission Controller
  • Complete 4L60E plug & play wiring harness
  • 6 pin black connector for power, ground, and CAN bus
  • 8 pin gray connector for additional inputs
  • 18 crimp pins for the above connector4