MS3Pro Module

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The MS3Pro Module puts the MS3Pro circuitry on a board where we’ve replaced the AMPSEAL connectors with 0.100″ pin headers.  What’s it for?  The MS3Pro Module is the core for our MSPNP-Pro, but we’re also making them available to the public.  MS3Pro Module is complete enough to solder a harness to one and call it an ECU, but it offers quite a few other possibilities.  Here are some other common uses:

  • Design your own plug and play PCBs to adapt it to OEM wiring harnesses
  • Stuff it in a stock ECU case and solder it to the connector to comply with SCCA Street Touring rules or other class racing that allow any retuning device that fits in the OEM ECU case
  • Put it in your own case to make a private label ECU
  • Create a new PCB that adds extra features, like high current coil drivers or CAN based extensions

The MS3Pro Module is approximately 5.5″ x 3.5″ – much easier to incorporate into your projects than trying to use a V3.57 main board, MS3 daughter card, MS3X, and all the other associated parts. And we offer volume discounts if you’re making a production run.

This is for the complete, assembled circuit board. It does not include a TunerStudio license though the free version of TunerStudio MS will of course work just fine, and you can unlock extra functionality if you choose to license the software (very cool stuff, highly recommended!).